Advertising on Sky AdSmart

Advertise on Sky AdSmart with TV Advertising Media and reach your ideal audience.

Sky AdSmart is the innovative advertising service from Sky, offering businesses and brands of all sizes the opportunity to target their advertisements to a specific audience.

It enables advertisers to target campaigns more accurately, with ads tailored based on a viewer’s postcode and other publically available information inserted directly into live ad breaks. This means that different ads can be shown to different households even if they’re watching the same programme – so businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the impact of targeted TV advertising.

Some of the world’s major household names regularly use this exciting advertising format to ensure that their campaigns reach the people who matter. These include Tesco, Royal Bank of Scotland, American Airlines and Audi.

Advertising on Sky AdSmart is also ideal for SMEs, making TV advertising more accessible and beneficial for first-time advertisers. By ensuring that adverts reach only the most relevant audience, businesses can rest easy in the knowledge that their budget has been well spent on a campaign that will help increase sales and/or brand awareness.

How it works

  • Adverts are sent via satellite to the viewer’s Sky+HD box.
  • The adverts the viewer sees are based on their postcode, age, gender and other publically available information gathered from data company Experian.
  • The adverts that appear on a viewer’s screens are determined by which criteria the advertisers have opted to target.

Benefits for your business

  • Advertising on Sky AdSmart puts your business in touch with large audiences, and allows customers to discover large and small companies and brands.
  • It is a cheaper alternative to traditional TV advertising.
  • Advertising on Sky AdSmart benefits both customers and companies, with viewers only seeing ads that are relevant to them and businesses reaching a key audience.

Available AdSmart channels

Advertise on Sky AdSmart and see your campaign in ad breaks on a range of popular channels, including:

  • Sky 1 HD
  • Sky Living HD
  • Sky Atlantic HD
  • Sky Arts HD
  • Sky Movies HD
  • Sky Sports HD
  • History HD
  • Fox HD
  • National Geographic Channel HD
  • and many, many more

If you’d like to know more, contact TV Advertising Media today to speak to us about Sky AdSmart advertising.