Direct Response TV Advertising

Create an immediate purchase opportunity for your customers with direct response TV advertising from TV Advertising Media.

Direct response TV advertising remains one of the most commonly used strategies for businesses and brands of all sizes around the world. Capitalising on popular programmes and peak TV viewing times, DRTV displays call-to-actions such as phone numbers, web addresses and social media links which can allow a company to manage viewer response figures as to how effective their campaign has been.

We work with agencies and direct clients

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Direct response TV advertising can be used to promote your business and services during peak times and events, such as seasonal purchasing activity, product launches and store openings. For over thirty years, direct response television advertising has been displaying telephone numbers with the intention of efficiently managing viewer responses within call centres – this tactic is now even further reaching thanks to the rise of online sites and social media call-to-actions.

DRTV uses strong creative design in conjunction with strategically selected airtime, and is therefore able to target a relevant audience in order to generate a direct response. This advertising category includes any advert which requests a customer to respond directly to your advert, typically utilising telephone, text or website.

A crucial benefit of DRTV advertising lies in its ability to generate an immediate purchase opportunity, providing instant encouragement for your campaign by enabling consumers to effectively react to your advert. Let TV Advertising Media inspire your customers to directly respond to your brand, drive online and telephone traffic and increase product sales.

Benefits for your business

  • Feature your DRTV advertisements during peak TV viewing times to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website, call centre or social media platforms.
  • TV Advertising Media can allow you to target a specific and relevant audience with strategically selected airtime and a carefully planned campaign.
  • Direct response TV advertising offers you the opportunity to effectively manage viewer response figures, giving you an indication of how effective your campaign has been.
  • Use DRTV to promote your latest offers, new store openings or product launches.

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