Interactive TV Advertising

Millions of internet users search social media platforms like Twitter every day, attempting to understand what’s happening across the globe in real time.

Our digital society is interacting in more ways than ever before. The use of hash tags, re-tweets and Facebook ‘likes’ all work towards raising awareness about a particular topic, trend or product. Imagine if your brand could be the focal point of an interactive campaign. Interactive TV advertising can command the next steps a viewer takes in their life – by suggesting that they could have the power to alter a worldwide decision or become part of a viral social event, interactivity can encourage an audience to connect to your brand.


How about the new Mercedes A-Class advert, intended to strengthen its reputation amongst a younger audience? The car manufacturer placed its advert in an X Factor commercial break, it featured a young British rap artist, and it worked with the show’s voting nature by encouraging the audience to vote via Twitter between two advert endings – the winning choice cleverly corresponded with the X Factor final. This type of direct engagement between the audience and the television generates a lasting positive impression for brands, resulting in your name becoming an unforgettable stamp on consumer minds.


New TV technologies enhance the television experience and magnetise viewers to their TV sets. ‘Green Button’ advertising allows viewers to access extended versions of advertisements at the click of a button – this offers your audience exclusive footage to facilitate their interest. TV Advertising Media is here to optimise on the variety of options available, planning the most effective Interactive television advertising campaign to suit your individual needs.


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