Localised International Stations

Reach a large audience across varied countries, languages and cultures with localised international TV channel advertising from TV Advertising Media.

Advertising on local international TV channels offers businesses the opportunity to target their campaigns to huge audiences in countless countries around the world. Many of the world’s major broadcasting networks host localised versions of their flagship stations, allowing advertisers to target potential consumers across a range of nations and languages. These stations include the likes of CNBC Arabia, Bloomberg Europe, Deutsche Welle’s multi-language stations and CNN Arabic.

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These localised international TV channels cover current affairs, business news, finance, sport and more, broadcasting in specific languages to viewers from various nations, cultures and occupations. They can have a very large reach in terms of audience numbers – Bloomberg and CNBC’s total global range of networks alone has a combined reach of 650 million homes around the world.

If you’re looking to advertise on international local TV channels, TV Advertising Media can help coordinate your campaign. Our experienced TV advertising experts will ensure that your advertisements have a big impact, whether you’re looking to raise brand awareness, increase sales figures or expand your reach to a new audience.

Make an impact on local international TV stations

Put your business in front of millions around the globe by advertising on some of the planet’s most-viewed and trusted local international TV stations and networks, such as:

Benefits for your business

  • Most major news corporations now operate multi-language stations, making it easy to target speakers of a specific tongue and to ensure that your ads reach the people who matter.
  • Advertise on local international TV networks to guarantee high exposure of your campaign, helping to expand your business by allowing you to target a specific language or nation on a trusted, recognisable network.
  • Covering everything from finance and technology to sports and weather, international stations have a huge reach across satellite and cable systems, with the majority also broadcasting via popular online streams.
  • Watchers of international TV programming often hold high purchasing power, making them the ideal audience to target your campaign to if you’re looking to grow customer numbers internationally.

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