Multi-channel TV Advertising

Campaigns which use satellite and cable TV as the lead medium are more likely to generate large business effects. 

In this modern digital era there are over 300 channels for consumers to view. As soon as multiple channels become involved, the advertising scenario gets a lot more confusing to manage. Luckily for you, TV Advertising Media specialises in all television formats – whoever you’re targeting, there’s sure to be a channel or programme for you! We can navigate your campaign through the imposing terrain of extensive TV station packages, and can analyse your objectives in order to select the correct plan.

Households operating a multi channel system are required to pay for additional channels to the standard terrestrial offerings. If a viewer is already prepared to allocate a portion of their budget to their television access, then they are more likely to have the money and mentality to spend on the product/service your advert is projecting.

Multi channel TV advertising will allow your campaign to target more affluent viewers; it can grant you access to niche channels just as much as vast audiences, and it will still enable you to personalise your plan through the likes of sponsorship, interactivity and DRTV. Your budget can be adhered to, as multi channel costs are dictated with regards to viewer figures and programme demand. The key to a successful campaign is to reach the right people at the right time – let us take the stress out of TV planning.

In accordance with the changing nature of multi-channel services SKY TV recently launched their AdSmart T.V advertising service which allows us to tailor the advertising we present to audience when watching content on Sky.

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