National TV Advertising

Creatively-awarded campaigns are 12 times more efficient at delivering business success, and 72% of UK adults consider TV their favourite medium.

Television has always had the capacity to reach a large number of people in one go. Advertising on National TV provides phenomenal marketing power – just one spot in Coronation Street could help you to reach 13 million people. Catchy audio and memorable images are a guaranteed combination to give your brand immortality.

With access to national TV channels, TV Advertising Media can catapult your campaign through the UK and expose a mass audience to your products and services. The halo effect created by TV advertising means that over a quarter of TV marketing effects are felt across your entire brand – even products which don’t feature in the advert.

TV Advertising Media can help you to become part of ‘Event TV’ such as X Factor, building your brand awareness nationwide. Using analytical data, your campaign can be situated at key broadcast times in order to achieve a maximum level of success – organic food buyers are 115% more likely than all viewers to watch The South Bank Show on ITV1 or 155% more likely to watch 24 on Sky 1, and so your audience can still be precisely targeted on a national scope.

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