Regional TV Advertising

The average UK resident watches somewhere in the region of 4 hours’ TV on a daily basis.

The availability of regional TV advertising gives little companies the chance to launch an affordable campaign, whilst also allowing brands to be targeted at specific demographics, such as ethnicity, industry, geography and age. This strategic method eliminates advertising wastage and therefore optimises the effectiveness of your budget. A local approach also allows smaller brands and companies to access big channels such as ITV and Channel 4.

Television giants like ITV and the BBC adapt their transmissions to specific regions, and the UK operates various provincial television channels. An additional benefit of marketing regionally is as a test facility – your advert can be sampled across a narrow viewing selection before national saturation is activated.

There are 14 regional TV advertising areas in the UK, which could provide highly valuable location-specific campaigns for businesses such as universities, shopping outlets and music venues. Campaigns can also benefit from regionally adapting their advert – such as in an election campaign. TV Advertising Media will help you tailor-make a campaign to fit the regional characteristics of your product range or customer base.

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