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TV advertising spend accounts for almost half of all advertising expenditure in the whole world, spanning every media format.

TV Advertising Media presents your business with the television marketing sector of Media Agency Group. We have the media experience and advertising expertise required to fine-tune your bespoke TV advertising campaign from start to finish, with the ability to target specific audiences through regional focus and strategic channel selection. Got a service which is launching across Manchester? How about placing television commercials on one of their local channels. Is your product web-based? Maybe your advert would be most effective spliced between catch-up episodes of relevant shows on Tv Catch Up .

Television commercials hold the ability to demonstrate. The impact of seeing a moving image is a powerful one – 99.9% of people will instinctively refer to TV advertising if asked what their favourite advert is. TV delivers the opportunity to experience a shared reality with the rest of the world; with such an immersive and emotionally engaging format, it is unsurprising that TV advertising remains the global champion of the promotional universe.

We can effectively plan a campaign specific to your objectives, using the versatility of commercials to deliver precisely what you need.

The traditional set-top television viewing method remains our preferred gateway to the moving image; however, as our digital climate expands, we can also engage in other modes of visual consumption. TV Advertising Media specialises in optimising the marketing results you can achieve across both technological and conventional platforms – from ‘Call us now!’ style Direct Response Television (DRTV) to a tactically timed breakfast cereal campaign (remember the Weetabix Challenge?) to having your brand as the sponsor for a particular show, we can transmit your brand across any format you desire.

We are also an Incorporated Practitioner in Advertising as our parent company, Media Agency Group, are members of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) – an independent professional trade body which accredits and supports the best agencies within the media, communications and marketing sectors.

We will plan and book your campaign for free. To give your brand the broadcasting touch, call TV Advertising Media on 0845 508 3901, or complete our online enquiry form – one of our team will call you back for free!